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- thank you for the idea of adding the script into the next version!

- did some stylish work. So the Setupchecker has Mapbender-style now. Hope you like it?!

- separated the different 'subjects' into own tables

- also copied The GNU GPL into the header. 

- link to the corresponding Wiki page? Is the link to , I added into the header, the right one? Or will I have to write an extra page for this? I don' t think so!? If it's not enough, I need an account for your wiki.

- I installed the SVN plugin. But I still have the same probs as with CVS, because of the blocked ports. So I'll try it at home (What is the url to the SVN Repository..?). 
- Is the SVN tag just something like "# $Id$"? I think it has to be added by a function of the SVN plugin to get an own ID, which needs writing rights for the SVN repository, am I right? Perhaps someone of CCGIS can add it into the SVN, cause I don`t have an account, yet.)

- something else #TODO?

- I didn't rename the mb_setupchecker into mapbender_setup yet, so everyone can test it without overwriting the orig. mapbender_setup. 


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Astrid Emde wrote:
> Hello Marco, hello List,
> Samson, Marko schrieb:
>> Da ich in letzter Zeit einige Test-, Entwicklungs- und 
>> Produktionsrechner installiert habe, und dabei immer mal wieder eine 
>> Kleinigkeit vergessen habe, ist mir die Idee gekommen die 
>> mapbender_setup.php etwas aufzupeppen.
>> Ich habe mal die Setup-Hilfe aus dem Wiki zur genommen und als 
>> Vorlage für das Script genommen.
>> Ich packe sie mal in den Anhang, vielleicht hilft sie ja dem ein oder 
>> anderen. Allerdings habe ich mir jetzt nicht die Mühe gemacht, alle 
>> Fälle auszutesten. Eine MySQL-Datenbank läuft bei mir zum Beispiel 
>> nicht. Der Test auf MySQL Basis ist aber mit integriert (nur eben 
>> nicht getestet).
>> Es besteht also keine Garantie für richtige Ergebnisse. Falls ihr das 
>> Script ausprobiert noch eine Idee habt oder euch eine Fehler 
>> auffällt, mailt mir doch bitte. Wenn ich mal eine freie Minute habe, 
>> baue ich es dann mit ein bzw. um.
>> Die Datei einfach unter /mapbender/http/tools abspeichern. Dann 
>> sollte es funktionieren.
> I had a look at the tool mb_setupchecker.php that you have send to the 
> user-mailing list.
> I thnk it would be good, if this tool would replace the 
> mapbender_setup.php in the next Mapbender version.
> I only have some suggestions and would like to discuss them in the 
> mapbender dev mailing list.
> The things I would change:
> 1. rename the tool to mapbender_setup.php 2. change the style a bit to 
> mapbender style (font/ colors / cellspacing / cellpadding) maybe with 
> a css-file 3. improve readability with a single table for each 
> 'subject' (php / extensions / database / postgis)
> What do you think about this?
> soweit
> Astrid Emde

this is a standard case of "throwing code over the fence" (don't get me wrong, this is not a bad thing). But now that we are in the incubation process of the OSGeo we learned that there are some rules to adhere to, these involve code formatting, licensing and copyright.

The code needs to have the GNU GPL license text included and needs a header with the SVN tags and a link to the corresponding Wiki page (which contains the documentation). The author must be prepared to publish his software under the protection of the GNU GPL. The copyright of the software modules of Mapbender currently (except for a few
exceptions) lies with CCGIS. We have learned that this is a good thing as it makes it easier to change licenses and do other adminis-trivia. It has also been suggested to transfer the copyright completely to the OSGeo Foundation. Currently this would only involve CCGIS.

We will ask the incubation committee for advice on how to proceed on this.

The code can only be contained in the v 2.4 if we manage to resolve these issues in one way or another.

If you have questions please let us know.

Best regards,
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