[Mapbender-dev] New Mapbender_setup Version

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at ccgis.de
Tue May 30 08:36:07 EDT 2006

Hi Marco,
> - thank you for the idea of adding the script into the next version!
> - did some stylish work. So the Setupchecker has Mapbender-style now. Hope you like it?!
> - separated the different 'subjects' into own tables
> - also copied The GNU GPL into the header. 
> - link to the corresponding Wiki page? Is the link to http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Installation_en , I added into the header, the right one? Or will I have to write an extra page for this? I don' t think so!? If it's not enough, I need an account for your wiki.
> - I installed the SVN plugin. But I still have the same probs as with CVS, because of the blocked ports. So I'll try it at home (What is the url to the SVN Repository..?). 
> - Is the SVN tag just something like "# $Id$"? I think it has to be added by a function of the SVN plugin to get an own ID, which needs writing rights for the SVN repository, am I right? Perhaps someone of CCGIS can add it into the SVN, cause I don`t have an account, yet.)
> - something else #TODO?

Thanks for the new tool. I really like the style!

For the license text we can ask Arnulf again. Have a look at 

I will talk to Uli and Arnulf about the account for the svn. I think it 
would be the best, if you check in your first tool by your own.

I you you check in the code a new $Id: is set with your username. This 
shows that you checked in the tool. But we don't write teh autor and 
version of the tool (no -> Mapbender-Setupchecker Version 0.3 by Marko 
Samson). Hope this is allright.

mehr dann später


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