[SAC] Mapbender test platform

Auke Jilderda auke at collab.net
Tue Nov 7 06:39:30 EST 2006


a possible solution for this could be CollabNet Unified Build,
Integrate, and Test (CUBIT) environment.  This essentially is the
ability to define virtual servers that can be installed and re-installed
with pre-defined images (provided by the project owner).  The virtual
servers are connected to the SVN server by a gigabit network.

I can arrange a demonstration of this environment?


On 03 November 2006 18:33, Arnulf Christl wrote:
> <snip>
> All this feels like it would best be hosted on a virtual machine that
> can be hacked and configured independent of the other OSGeo
> infrastructure. Ideally it would be possible to duplicate this virtual
> machine and have a life demo server that always hosts the current
> version. The operating system platform is fairly irrelevant, any
> Linunix will do, preferably Ubuntu, Debian or FreeBSD (no SuSE).
> Currently most development takes place on servers hosted by CCGIS
> which is not practical for several reasons. It cannot be opened for
> more extensive use by other developers due to security restrictions
> implemented to suit the privacy needs of some customers. The machines
> are used in a variety of projects requiring individual settings and
> last but not least these are dedicated business server operated by one
> company which feels wrong.
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