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Waldemar Wansidler wansidler at zadi.de
Mon Nov 6 07:56:54 EST 2006

Hi Arnulf,

in our Project we have two Systems – a document management system
(Livelink) and a WebGIS (Mapbender) – each with its own user rights
management. But we need a centralized user rights management for both
Systems, because we have permanent user changes. We would like  to use
ACLs (access control lists) in/with LDAP to solve this issue and right
now need a hint which tables necessarily would be needed to map to LDAP?

Best regards

Arnulf Christl schrieb:
> Waldemar Wansidler wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> we are planning a mapbender LDAP-Integration. At Intergeo Uli Rothstein
>> made the suggestion to develop a module for PostgreSQL, that forwards
>> queries to LDAP instead of making changes in mapbender.
>> In my mind this would only be reasonable, if this module would be
>> generic and gets included in PostgreSQL in general. Furthermore I think
>> it is not possible without also making changes on mapbender. Overall
>> this would be much more difficult than developing an additional module
>> for mapbender.
>> What do you think? Any ideas? Which tables would be necessary to map to
>> LDAP?
>> Best regards
>> Waldemar Wansidler.
> Hi Waldemar,
> I guess Uli will not be available in the next days as he has taken a
> week off.
> Apart from that one of the basic questions that we need to discuss
> here is how to map an exisitng user authorization to the Mapbender
> data model or whether to duplicate the user base in Mapbender right away.
> The problem is that oftentimes there already is a basic authorization
> in place (for shared file systems, mailing accounts, etc.) but it does
> not map easily to spatial data.
> Over the past two years we have had regular requests to support LDAP
> as main Mapbender database (currently PostgreSQL and MySQL) which can
> be done will in the end not help us a lot because the real issue is to
> connect to an *existing* user database and still be able to map
> authorization using the multi-client capabilities of Mapbender. I for
> one have no practical solution to this problem up the sleeves.
> What kind of existing user rights management do you have in place
> already?
> Best regards, Arnulf. 
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