geometry library

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at
Fri Nov 10 05:09:56 EST 2006

Hi again,

the new geometry library will probably contain all the stuff now 
seperately located in


These classes are all dependent on each other; so I would rather build a 
big module. Having to load many different modules in the administration 
will make the application more difficult to use.

A problem with just including these files in php is, that modules may be 
in different frames and you would have to make distinctions like 
"parent.", "window.opener" or "window.frames[]" when two modules shared 
the library (I believe loading a module twice in different frames is out 
of the question).

The point class might be interesting to use generally in map.php, as it 
would be useful in many cases, for example in map/real coordinate 
conversion or bounding box representation. As it is not big, it might 
not affect the performance of map.php. Should it be included in the 
index.php generally?

If anyone is interested in these topics, I would be glad about some input.

Cheers, Christoph

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