versioning WFS info.

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Thu Nov 23 14:27:43 EST 2006

Andrea Aime wrote:
> Hi Arnulf,
> today I've updated the phase one implementation page with 
> thought/proposal about how the WFS protocol can be extended
> in order to support basic versioning.
> If you have time, can you review and provide feedback about it?

No, I don't have time. I hate myself because I don't :-( Therefore sometimes I manage to take some time to do things anyway. I hope that the next burst of spontaneous activity can be diverted to this. I am waiting for this for six years, thats a lot longer than I know Chris and have started to talk about this. Actually I think Chris and I met in a discussion about this if I remember correctly... Oh I forgot to close the bracket, I hate editors who tell me what to do. No, I am not closing it: ((( look there, three more open and I will never close them (abstaining from coding too long makes people funny in the head). 

> Oh, if you're subscribed to any geoserver mailing list, if would be
> nice (but not mandatory :-) to keep this discussion open.

Jeeze, yes I am subscribed to users and devel. So what? There is no chance for me to keep any track of what is going on there. Its just too much. What version are you working on? I should unsubscribe and jumpgis from the next bridge. I don't know how you guys manage... Well, do you?  [Thunderbird does not know how to spell unsubscribe. Haha, very funny]

> Cheers
> Andrea

There is one guy I know who is perfectly the right one to do this, maybe I can activate him and he does it. 

Dominik, you are that guy! :-) If you don't get what the heck I am up to come ask me... :-) [there you see, two brackets gone already, eat some more open ones: (((( ]

Best regards, 

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