versioning WFS info.

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Thu Nov 23 14:32:29 EST 2006

Oh, so I did post it to the list. Sorry for the pollution. Here we go correctly:

Hi folks,
we get versioning for WFS-T. 


But it still needs to get tested, feedbacked and debugged and other minor minors, you know the kind. 


This is what needs to be done:

Chris Holmes wrote:
> Arnulf, this has 
> all the versioning stuff Andrea's been working on.  There's research on 
> how others do it, and info on our requirements and thoughts.  Let us 
> know if we're missing anything major.
> is the current first crack at a plan for implementation.
> Andrea, Arnulf is the lead of MapBender - They 

This is not quite correct anymore, Uli has taken over half a year ago (his fault :-).

> actually probably have about the best digitization tools right now, 
> working with WFS-T, and he's very interested in getting versioning.  So 

Thanks a lot for the warm regards. With the next version we want to migrate the mapbender_dev box to telascience servers. The latest version is already there. I guess a GeoServer is also running, maybe we can join forces and get the next things done there. That way we would have a productive environment to show off how cool we are. Data is also already waiting. If anybody from the Mapbender folks wants (and later anyway needs) an account for, holler at me now. 

> he can probably give good feedback about what makes sense from the 
> client side (and Arnulf, feel free to cc any more developers).  Keep him 
> in the loop when you take a first crack at the protocol stuff, he said 
> he'd be happy to review.
> best regards,
> Chris


Thanks and best regards, 

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