versioning WFS info.

Andrea Aime aaime at
Mon Nov 27 03:28:30 EST 2006

Arnulf Christl ha scritto:
> Oh, so I did post it to the list. Sorry for the pollution. Here we go 
> correctly:
> Hi folks,
> we get versioning for WFS-T.
> [[Applause]]
> But it still needs to get tested, feedbacked and debugged and other 
> minor minors, you know the kind.
> [[Silence]]

Well, unfortunately it still needs to be implemented as well... I'm 
trying to gather feedback on the design before closing myself in a 
lonely room and implement it :-)

>> is the current first crack at a plan for implementation.

Any feedback is appreciated, especially on the WFS protocol extension to 
be used in order to talk to clients.

Andrea Aime

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