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> Betreff: [Mapbender-dev] new treefolder
> Datum: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 10:53:03 +0200
> Von: Melchior Moos <Nimix at gmx.net>
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> An: dev at mapbender.osgeo.org
> Hi,
> the last time I spend some time in searching a replacement library for 
> the old treefolder structure. The main reason to replace the old one 
> is that it does not work in browsers like Opera or KHTML based browsers.
> So I looked at about 10 different trees. The conditions for the new 
> tree are that it is open-source (GPL) and that it works in the most 
> common browsers. In my opinion the best tree I found is jsTree 
> (http://www.phpxplorer.org/jsTree/). It is under GPL and works in 
> Opera, KHTML and Gecko based browsers and MSIE, without having 
> browser-switches in the code. In addition it is fexilble (it can be 
> changed without realoading) and easy to use. The only disadvantage I 
> can see is that it is not listed at a portal like sourceforge.
> regards,
> Melchior Moos

Hello lists,

according to Melchiors announcement of the new treemenu for Mapbender I 
also want to do this for MapStorer. We made the decision for a new tree 
because our "old" treemenu was not able to store its actual 
expand/collapse status. So we got a new one which is included in 
phplayersmenu-3.2.0 (downloadable from Sourceforge) and integrated it 
into MapStorer. It's published under the LGPL, easy to adjust and the 
following browsers are supported:

Mozilla (versions 0.9.2+ are suggested)
Netscape 6.0+ and other browsers based on Mozilla, e.g. Epiphany and Galeon
Konqueror 3.0+ and browsers based on it, e.g. Safari
Opera 7.x
Internet Explorer 4, 5, 5.5, 6

I think it would be a good decision to try to get to an uniform treemenu 
for both projects, so it would be interesting to get your opinion and 
comments  about these treemenus. What are their advantages and 
disadvantages? Which one is better usable? What do you think?



P.S.: To get MapStorer with its new treemenu, take the actual version 
from sourceforge subversion (http://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mapstorer).

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