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Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Wed Oct 25 06:45:24 EDT 2006

Hi Christoph,

i have tested so far only some small ajax to enhance the gazetteer
functionality, not with a broader aspect of an ajax library.

I will have a look into prototype, for another project, so to examine
prototype with respect to mapbender, could you describe which parts of
the mapbender javascript code you would enhance with ajax

Cheers, Michael

On 10/25/06, Christoph Baudson <christoph.baudson at ccgis.de> wrote:
> Hi there,
> some functions in Mapbender would truly benefit from an AJAX engine.
> By now, everthing AJAX-like in Mapbender works with IFrames, which is
> similar, but not as convenient as AJAX, so the architecture of Mapbender
> suffers from the lack of an AJAX-library (more modules with hard to
> follow code, and dependency on frames).
> So we should try to start a discussion about AJAX-libraries that are
> suitable for Mapbender. I'm still in the process of understanding the
> impact of AJAX on our project, so any input is welcome.
> I found a nice AJAX tutorial (unfortunately in german language only) at
> http://www.teialehrbuch.de/AJAX1-KK/index.html
> There are lots of AJAX frameworks like Sarissa, SAJAX, Prototype, JQuery
> and lots more. Sarissa (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sarissa/) is
> more a framework XML-handling and is used in Mapbuilder. I have no idea
> about SAJAX (http://www.modernmethod.com/sajax/) or Prototype, so far I
> have played a little with JQuery (http://www.jquery.com) which is very
> easy to use and simplifies JS code a lot.
> If anyone would like to contribute to this discussion I would be more
> than happy.
> Thanks, Christoph
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