[Mapbender-dev] module maintainers

Christoph Baudson (WhereGroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Thu Feb 1 11:09:26 EST 2007

Hello developers,

today we were discussing the role of "module maintainers". Here's a 
transcript from #mapbender at irc.freenode.net

Any input on this topic will be highly appreciated,


[16:19]	<seven>	ChristophB, ur: Shall we suggest to add names to the 
Wiki to identify module maintainers?
[16:19]	<ChristophB>	good point
[16:20]	<ChristophB>	astroide and I were working on a wiki page
[16:21]	<ChristophB>	http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Commit_guidelines
[16:21]	<ChristophB>	a module maintainer should be listed in the header 
of each file
[16:35]	<seven>	Hm. THis is good. But it is not the best example as the 
link should point to:
[16:35]	<seven>	http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Add_WMS_from_feature_info
[16:36]	<seven>	instead it points to:
[16:36]	<seven>	http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/addWMSFromFeatureInfo.php
[16:37]	<seven>	I want to suggested to do it the other way round too. 
Irf you are a maintainer, add your name to the corresponding Wiki page.
[16:38]	* seven	adds ChristophB to: 
[16:39]	<ChristophB>	Of course, adding the maintainer to the wiki page 
is definitely necessary
[16:39]	<seven>	No if you navigate to Christophs Hompage and click on 
"What links here" you see that he is linked to that Wiki page 
(regardless off how the module page is spelled out):
[16:39]	<seven> 
[16:40]	* seven	wonders whether ChristophB actually *is* MM for 
AddWMSFromFeatureInfo? If not please correct...
[16:41]	<ChristophB>	just pile it on top
[16:41]	<ChristophB>	but yes, you were right
[16:49]	<ChristophB>	I updated the wiki page according to your suggestions
[16:49]	<ChristophB>	http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Commit_guidelines
[16:53]	<seven>	I was just pointing to inconsistencies that we have 
between Wiki and code naming.
[16:53]	<seven>	We will not resolve this easily...
[17:01]	|<--	ur hat irc.freenode.net verlassen (Remote closed the 
[17:03]	<ChristophB>	do you have a suggestion?
[17:05]	<seven>	Lets continue this on the mailing list or when there are 
more of us online here.
[17:05]	* seven	has to leave now...

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