[Mapbender-dev] Mapbender Drupal site

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Fri Feb 2 03:21:19 EST 2007

fyi: the Mapbender project officially owns a Drupal instance on http://mapbender.osgeo.org/. Tyler has set up minimal information and added links in the top left "menu". I added one page pointing to the download site. Unfortunately download still has to stay on our Wiki server (with all restrictions regarding access) because the Drupal site does not support large enough files. OSGeo operates a rather naked download server http://download.osgeo.org/ but we do not have write access and I don't know what the plans for it are. 

I do not think that the Mapbender project currently has much use for any of this but you should be aware of the fact that we potentially *could* use it. At a later stage this might be a way to add translations to different languages as it is starting to grow on http://www.osgeo.org.

Eventually there will also be single sign on access to all of OSGeo but this will still take some time. It is possible to get a local account for http://mapbender.osgeo.org/ in the meantime but it is strongly discouraged. If anybody is really hot on starting the Drupal CMS please speak up. 

I am sorry that we are moving around so much and hopefully we will be able to settle down some day. As it stands the only primary stable source of information is the Wiki.

Best Regards, 

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