[Mapbender-dev] Code Conventions (first summary)

Christoph Baudson (WhereGroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Fri Feb 2 07:43:46 EST 2007

Hello again,

> jep, PHP-Doc style is a good proposal, so we can use some tools to 
> extract the documentation - although I think that the wiki is the better 
> alternative for the documentation. There are two advantages: we've one 
> format (wiki) for all purposes and we have a history.
> But maybe we could use both and extract the php-doc-style comments into 
> the wiki?

As far as I know all developers are now in favor of php-doc. Marc 
Jansen, as you proposed the idea, could you please add it to the wiki?


If you don't have time or if you cannot access the wiki for some reason 
please let us know, and I will try to find time to do so.

>> * Marc introduced the packing algorithm used by jQuery: 
>> http://dean.edwards.name/packer/usage/
>> Using this packing algorithm would result in additional rules:
>> - "terminate every statement by a semicolon (even functions!)" 
>> (although I don't understand why the if-statement in the sample is not 
>> terminated..any ideas? http://dean.edwards.name/packer/usage/sample.html)
> that's not very consequent and stringent. And the terminating semicolon 
> behind the bracket of the function-body is seriously ugly! I've never 
> seen that before.

I guess we have come to no conclusion here. I suggest we keep this in 
mind and discuss it later (I will add a paragraph to the wiki site). If 
there are any objections please let us know.

> Some additional proposals:
> * I think it would be helpful to declare the variable which come from 
> 'outside' via GET, POST, SESSION etc. in the header

I think this is pretty useful. I will add it to the wiki page.

> * so we should provide some templates in our mapbender-org-wiki which 
> could be imported in the IDE

This is a good idea. Maybe we can elaborate which templates might be 
useful. Maybe someone should take the initiative and present a template, 
so we can discuss it.

Cheers, Christoph

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