[Mapbender-dev] WANTED: person to set up a "Trac" instance for Mapbender at OSGeo with frank Warmerdam

Christoph Baudson (WhereGroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Thu Feb 22 10:39:01 EST 2007

Hi Frank,

thanks for setting up trac; I would like to volunteer for the job you 

>  o Picking a set of categories (ie. core, wfssupport, etc)
>  o Picking default "assignee's" for the categories.
>  o Populating the versions and milestones list.
>  o Possibly altering the default severity and priority type fields.
>  o providing an icon
>  o Setting up a bit of initial wiki front end options.
>  o adminning Trac (setting up those with special priveledges)

Do you need this up front? I may not be able to deliver complete data 
now, but I guess we will be able to add anything we need as trac grows 
on us.

For a start, trac's purpose might be to replace the bug tracker at 
sourceforge. So here's what I can give you now

 >  o Picking a set of categories (ie. core, wfssupport, etc)

user interface

 >  o Picking default "assignee's" for the categories.

I guess the SVN account names of all committers should suffice. Do you 
have access to a list of these names?

I guess we will add more data as soon as trac is set up. Is that possible?

> I would *suggest* that this person become the Mapbender Trac Master or
> something similar, and have future responsibility for monitoring that bugs
> are being assigned properly, getting dealt with on a reasonably timely
> fashion and so forth.

Thanks again, please let us know,


Baudson Christoph

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