[Mapbender-dev] JS exceptions

Marc Jansen jansen.marc at gmx.de
Tue Jan 9 06:47:30 EST 2007

Hi list,

this is IMHO a good approach!

However: How about having a callback function when the AJAX-request has 
completed? One might want to react on the logging of the error.  Most 
frameworks for AJAX-stuff provide this functionality. Is this worth a 
consideration? BTW: What does the function return right now? According 
to your snippet nothing? What about a boolean - this could then be used 
to determine further script logic, and might as well replace the 

-- Marc

Christoph Baudson schrieb:
> Hi developers,
> today I added a new class for handling Javascript exceptions to 
> map.php. Until today, I only alerted error messages, which is a bit 
> awkward once a software is delivered. Check this out:
> http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Talk:For_developers#Javascript_exceptions 
> Is this a sensible approach? Please comment and I'll add it to the SVN.
> Cheers, Christoph
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