[Mapbender-dev] Reminder: Code Conventions

Marc Jansen jansen.marc at gmx.de
Thu Jan 18 11:42:42 EST 2007

Hey List,

Very good work Christoph! I'm looking forward to clean and readable 
code! ;-)

I want to add one suggestion, though:

I suggest using PHPdoc-style (IMHO this suits JavaScript code, too) at 
least for some very common attributes of code:

 * Comments style like this one
 * above functions, methods, variables, classes...

Firstline in docblock: Short desription (Usually one sentences)
empty line
thirdline: longer description...
emptyline: docblock-tags (see below)

Attributes in this docblock:
@author name email
@param type description
@return type description
@uses | @usedby name of function, class (not sure whether these are 

This is highly readable and can be understood by both machines 
(autogenerated technical docu... yippieh!) and humans (the 
"Ahh...-this-is-how-its-done!"-effect when looking inside of 
source-files, nice for learning new stuff too).

> Please bear in mind that a vote on these conventions is planned for 
> Monday 21st.
You sure have my vote on that (if I cannot participate on the 21st).

-- Marc

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