Marc Jansen as new Mapbender developer (was: Re: [Mapbender-dev] guidelines for code, commits and release)

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at
Sat Jan 20 09:01:00 EST 2007

Marc Jansen wrote:
> Astrid Emde (WhereGroup) schrieb:
>> Hi marc,
>> And Marc - you are programming for Mapbender quite a lot. Do you want 
>> to join the developer team? Or isn't it interesting for you?
> Sure it's interesting! I was just waiting to be asked... :-)
> I really would love to join the developer team... but cannot (even 
> implicitly) guarantee to have lots of time for development, at least not 
> until february, 28th.
> Have a nice weekend,
> -- Marc

I move to add Marc Jansen to the Mapbender developer team and grant him SVN write access. 

I know Marc personally for quite some time and believe that he would be a great addition to our team. He is regular poster on our dev and user lists has already contributed code "over the fence".

If someone seconds this motion I would like to proceed to vote him into our team. 

Best regards, 

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