[Mapbender-dev] Test of RC1 / some thoughts

Samson, Marko Marko.Samson at wald-und-holz.nrw.de
Mon Jan 29 10:29:17 EST 2007

Hi Devs,
1.Test standard installation
    - everything seems to work fine
 I can't find a logical order or reason of the modules in the guis (Is there a logic?). Perhaps it would be nice to have one clean & simple basic gui like the "gui" (for a stable core gui as copy base for a new self-made gui), one with mostly all possible modules, like the "gui1" (for a fast copy of modules to every gui). And perhaps some thematically guis like digitize gui etc. At the Moment, there are some modules here and some are there. 
Just an thought or idea to hold a new installation clean,practical,small and simple.
2. Test of upgrading a 2.4 version
    - everything seems to work fine, too. (The first time I did the upgrade, I had all entries of gui_layers twice. Don't know, what I did wrong. Whatever, the second time everything worked pretty nice. )
 I saw, that you set "default_with_oids = true" in the new pgsql schema, but wouldn't there be a chance for grouped primary-keys for all the pk-less tables, for example the table gui_layer with a grouped-pk of fkey_gui_id and fkey_layer_id to prevent double entries. (same idea for all other tables without PK like gui_layer,gui_wfs,gui_wms,...)
 Or is there a reason, why there are no PKs at some tables? In my opinion, there is no logic of having two entries, for example with the same fkey_gui_id and fkey_layer_id in table gui_layer.
3. The treefolder2 modul
Really a very nice improvement of the MB. But 2 questions or ideas:
    -what is the element_var "menu". In the mod_treefolder2.php script, menu is set to: menu="wms_up,wms_down,remove,layer_up,layer_down,metainfo,zoom,hide";.  So it seems to be the menu for the wms-layers. But is it possible to configure it with an element_var entry? I tried to configure it by deleting the two last options "zoom,hide" directly at the script, but the effect was, that I just had the moveup and movedown option anymore. Is there a solution, how to configure it right?
    - isn't it possible to leave the wms-layer-tree open, after moving a layer of a wms up or down? That would improve this already very nice module!
so far......

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