[Mapbender-dev] Test of RC1 / some thoughts

Christoph Baudson (WhereGroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Mon Jan 29 10:52:05 EST 2007

Hi Marko,

thanks for testing the release candidate, and thanks for sharing your 

> Idea:
>  I can't find a logical order or reason of the modules in the guis (Is 
> there a logic?). 

The modules should be listed alphabetized. But this order must be 
determined by ascii-value, because words in capitals come first. I 
propose we sort case insensitive, if there are no other suggestions. For 
the time being, I file an error at the bugtracker at 

> Perhaps it would be nice to have one clean & simple 
> basic gui like the "gui" (for a stable core gui as copy base for a new 
> self-made gui), one with mostly all possible modules, like the "gui1" 
> (for a fast copy of modules to every gui). And perhaps some thematically 
> guis like digitize gui etc. At the Moment, there are some modules here 
> and some are there.
> Just an thought or idea to hold a new installation clean,practical,small 
> and simple.

I'm really in favor of this suggestion. A basic GUI would be very 
desirable. I think a clear indication that the gui arrangement is not 
well-defined is the naming. "gui" or "gui1" don't give a clue about 
their content. So maybe we introduce different gui names as well. Any 
other comments on this?

Thanks for your input, Marko!


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