[Mapbender-dev] Test of RC1 / some thoughts

Melchior Moos nimix at gmx.net
Mon Jan 29 15:23:12 EST 2007

Hi Marko,
thanks for reporting the problems, I have made a svn commitment that
corrects the points you mentioned:

> 3. The treefolder2 modul
> Really a very nice improvement of the MB. But 2 questions or ideas:
>     -what is the element_var "menu". In the mod_treefolder2.php script, menu is set to: menu="wms_up,wms_down,remove,layer_up,layer_down,metainfo,zoom,hide";.  So it seems to be the menu for the wms-layers. But is it possible to configure it with an element_var entry? I tried to configure it by deleting the two last options "zoom,hide" directly at the script, but the effect was, that I just had the moveup and movedown option anymore. Is there a solution, how to configure it right?

I removed the line, now the element var should work as described in the
mapbender wiki:

>     - isn't it possible to leave the wms-layer-tree open, after moving a layer of a wms up or down? That would improve this already very nice module!
Now the layer you moved yould be selected and the original tree state
should be restored.

best regards,

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