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Mon Jan 29 14:48:07 EST 2007

Samson, Marko wrote:
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>> Hi Marko,
>> thanks for testing the release candidate, and thanks for 
>> sharing your insights.
>>> Idea:
>>>  I can't find a logical order or reason of the modules in 
>> the guis (Is 
>>> there a logic?).
>> The modules should be listed alphabetized. But this order 
>> must be determined by ascii-value, because words in capitals 
>> come first. I propose we sort case insensitive, if there are 
>> no other suggestions. For the time being, I file an error at 
>> the bugtracker at 
> Sorry, but I think you misunderstood. I meant, that I didn't see a logical arragement of the used modules in the different guis after installing a new mb. It just looks a little 'zusammengewürfelt'.
> So my further thought about the basic gui and all-incl-gui grew up. For a more practical use and cleaner look.
> Perhaps:
> gui-core
> gui-all-incl
> gui-digitize
> ...tobecontinued....

The problem is that each of these interfaces has to be tested and updated with each new release and we refrained from doing that because in the past it has prevented us from releasing more often. 

I thought that it would be helpful to have new admin guis with clear focus. admin1 has all, admin2_de only a subset and then there are _service and _user.

Currently translation is done by duplicating guis! I never said that this is good or has to stay that way but it is always hard to take things away once they are there and maintaining ten interfaces is just enough already. 

If we can distribute this on more shoulders we might have a chance that it works. Again we need the concept of "module maintainers". Michel Garand already consented to doing this a year ago but no one ever got to defining what the module maintainer for gui is supposed to do or how to go about it. 

You have all my support - but I will not be able to actually *do* much, so this support is not worth the bits that got them to your screen. :-)

> BTW: A little offtopic.....Do you know the Oscar Project? The Open Source Car? Opens Source goes reality!
> Very funny but good idea. Are there already other projects for the 'real life' that you know like ?

More of this will come, social sciences are eying us closely too, governing promises to get people interested again, etc. Hey, you knew that - we are hype!


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