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> Samson, Marko wrote:
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> >>
> >> Hi Marko,
> >>
> >> thanks for testing the release candidate, and thanks for 
> sharing your 
> >> insights.
> >>
> >>> Idea:
> >>>  I can't find a logical order or reason of the modules in
> >> the guis (Is
> >>> there a logic?).
> >> The modules should be listed alphabetized. But this order must be 
> >> determined by ascii-value, because words in capitals come first. I 
> >> propose we sort case insensitive, if there are no other 
> suggestions. 
> >> For the time being, I file an error at the bugtracker at 
> >> 
> >> e
> >>
> > 
> > Sorry, but I think you misunderstood. I meant, that I 
> didn't see a logical arragement of the used modules in the 
> different guis after installing a new mb. It just looks a 
> little 'zusammengewürfelt'.
> > So my further thought about the basic gui and all-incl-gui 
> grew up. For a more practical use and cleaner look.
> > Perhaps:
> > gui-core
> > gui-all-incl
> > gui-digitize
> > ...tobecontinued....
> The problem is that each of these interfaces has to be tested 
> and updated with each new release and we refrained from doing 
> that because in the past it has prevented us from releasing 
> more often. 

Thats why I was irritated about the deeper sense of the modul-constellation of gui, gui1 and a gui2 and came to this idea of these two main guis.
But I think, that the idea of 'gui-core' and 'gui-all-incl' is a way to simplify the update and testing process, isn't it?

> I thought that it would be helpful to have new admin guis 
> with clear focus. admin1 has all, admin2_de only a subset and 
> then there are _service and _user.

Good idea, another idea is an administration-menu like joomla, to get all functions of administration at one main administration page, with some 'main-menus' like services, users,guis,modules,whatever ..... With each 'main-menue' having some dropdown menues with specifical functions to the main-menus title. Handling the language could be done by setting the language in the menu and parsing a language-pack.file or a language table to set the title for each menu and submenu title.
So, there would be just one admin-menu ....

> Currently translation is done by duplicating guis! I never 
> said that this is good or has to stay that way but it is 
> always hard to take things away once they are there and 
> maintaining ten interfaces is just enough already. 
> If we can distribute this on more shoulders we might have a 
> chance that it works. Again we need the concept of "module 
> maintainers". Michel Garand already consented to doing this a 
> year ago but no one ever got to defining what the module 
> maintainer for gui is supposed to do or how to go about it. 
> You have all my support - but I will not be able to actually 
> *do* much, so this support is not worth the bits that got 
> them to your screen. :-)

poor little bits! ;)

> > BTW: A little offtopic.....Do you know the Oscar Project? 
> The Open Source Car? Opens Source goes reality!
> > Very funny but good idea. Are there already other projects 
> for the 'real life' that you know like 
> ?
> More of this will come, social sciences are eying us closely 
> too, governing promises to get people interested again, etc. 
> Hey, you knew that - we are hype!

Certainly!! ;)

> Regards,
> Arnulf. 
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