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Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Sun Mar 4 11:54:21 EST 2007

SVN operation needs a module maintainer. I am currently subscribed to SAC and will keep on reporting of issues to dev if they affect the Mapbender infrastructure but only as replacement. I suggest that a regular commiter signs up to SAC and makes herself known as module maintainter for mapbender system operation at OSGeo. This might also involve some volunteer work for OSGeo and if it is only helping other projects get up to speed. 

The other thing is that we are currently requesting for accounts to administer mapbender.telascience.org where we will start to operate the official development and demo server. They are currently located at wms1.ccgis.de/mapbender_dev but this URL will be discontinued in the long run. This is the fun part of the job, hack your own blade. 

Anybody interested pls read the mesage attached below and contact me. 

Best regards, Arnulf. 

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Subject: [SAC] Notification proceedures (was Subversion vhost migration	underway)
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 01:15:25 -0600
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On Mar 4, 2007, at 12:48 AM, Jason Birch wrote:

> We may want to think about what caused this problem in the first  
> place.  I have a feeling it was because of the chaos of the initial  
> changeover.  Does SAC need to put a notification procedure in place  
> for projects using the OSGeo infrastructure, or should a post to  
> the SAC mailing list be enough, with a requirement that projects  
> monitor that list?

I think that all projects depending on infrastructure should have at  
least one representative subscribed to the SAC list at the very  
least.  Notification of major changes and meeting minutes with  
upcoming changes are going to come across this list.  I also am in  
the habit of blurbing small changes and additions as I make them to  
#telascience so that I don't step on other people's toes who might be  
doing similar sorts of things (it also provides a nice sanity check).

As far as the chaos of the initial changeover, I think CN's layout is  
mostly to blame.  We were pretty much forced to answer to every URL  
under the sun for all kinds of things.  Replicating enough  
infrastructure to keep the lights on through the CN->self transition  
was pretty tough.  It would have been nice to do things like vhosts  
for trac and svn and layout stuff how we may have ultimately wanted  
them to be at that time but we didn't have all of our ducks in a row  
to do it.  I think we have still come a long ways, and stuff is still  
a little bumpy, but we'll eventually get to something that works well  
for us.  The challenge is not pissing people off too much while we  
try to do it :)

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