[Mapbender-dev] [Fwd: [SAC ] Notification proceedures (was Subversion vhost migration underway)]

Christoph Baudson (WhereGroup) christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Tue Mar 6 03:16:10 EST 2007

> SVN operation needs a module maintainer. I am currently subscribed to 
> SAC and will keep on reporting of issues to dev if they affect the 
> Mapbender infrastructure but only as replacement. I suggest that a 
> regular commiter signs up to SAC and makes herself known as module 
> maintainter for mapbender system operation at OSGeo. This might also 
> involve some volunteer work for OSGeo and if it is only helping other 
> projects get up to speed.

Is this what you mean by Operation Administrator? If that's so, I will 
do it. Is "Operation Administrator" a good name? Maybe we can assign 
these tasks to the Mapbender Trac Master to avoid confusion. Let me know.

(It's more a technical finesse, as I'm already Trac Master. Check out 
Mapbender role profiles at 

Baudson Christoph

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