[Mapbender-dev] RE: [Mapbender-users] error on uploading capabilities

Tilo Wütherich tilo.wuetherich at la-bw.de
Tue Mar 13 06:58:28 EDT 2007

Hi Christoph,

> I guess the problem is better discussed at mapbender_dev; I'm sending a
> copy to dev.

I subscribed to the dev-list and will try to help. But you help me to get
mapbender work with my geoserver, ok?

> I would be interested which if-branch the script takes in your case (see
> line 1082). This if determines the source of $t_layer_id. Maybe you can
> add an exception to try to locate which if is taken; maybe we can find
> the error this way.

I'm not so familiar with php-debugging. I added 2 echoes, the script first
enters the branch at 1082 for several times and then at 1079 and 1082 for
some times (see below: hallo2 is 1082, hallo1 is 1079). If you need a
special php-debug command, you can send me a codesnippet.

> Do you use PHP4 or PHP5? Taking a look at the code I assume you'll run
> into trouble with PHP4; For example

PHP 5.2.0

> If you are interested in debugging this piece of code, let me know and
> we will do it together.

Hm... I'm interested in getting mapbender work... probably it coincides :D

Greetings, Tilo

allo1hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo1hallo2hallo2hallo1hallo2hallo1sql error:
Duplicate entry '19491-419' for key 1 ROLLBACK performed....

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