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it seems to be a problem with the primary keys. Perhaps the WMS deleting process did not delete all appendant entries from your old WMS? So you have some scrap in your database perhaps?
The error mesage tells you, that this 'new' entry already exists. (359,19443)
Have a look at table 'layer' and search for an entry with layer_id 359. Now you are able to find out the wms with the fkey_wms_id field of this entry. This fkey_wms_id identifies the wms at table 'wms'.
Search for this wms_id(fkey_wms_id at table layer). 
If you can't find an entry at table 'layer' or 'wms', something went wrong while you deleted a WMS or something like that. 

Is it a new installation of mapbender, or an updated one?

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> Hi Christoph,
> > I guess the problem is better discussed at mapbender_dev; 
> I'm sending 
> > a copy to dev.
> I subscribed to the dev-list and will try to help. But you 
> help me to get mapbender work with my geoserver, ok?
> > I would be interested which if-branch the script takes in your case 
> > (see line 1082). This if determines the source of 
> $t_layer_id. Maybe 
> > you can add an exception to try to locate which if is 
> taken; maybe we 
> > can find the error this way.
> I'm not so familiar with php-debugging. I added 2 echoes, the 
> script first enters the branch at 1082 for several times and 
> then at 1079 and 1082 for some times (see below: hallo2 is 
> 1082, hallo1 is 1079). If you need a special php-debug 
> command, you can send me a codesnippet.
> > Do you use PHP4 or PHP5? Taking a look at the code I assume 
> you'll run 
> > into trouble with PHP4; For example
> PHP 5.2.0
> > If you are interested in debugging this piece of code, let 
> me know and 
> > we will do it together.
> Hm... I'm interested in getting mapbender work... probably it 
> coincides :D
> Greetings, Tilo
> file:
> VERSION=1.1.1hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2h
> allo2hallo2hal
> lo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo
> 2hallo2hallo2h
> allo1hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo2hallo1hallo2hallo2hallo1hallo2hal
> lo1sql error:
> Duplicate entry '19491-419' for key 1 ROLLBACK performed....
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