[Mapbender-dev] noscript tag

Hr. Johannes Loose loose at lwf.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Mar 28 10:35:20 EDT 2007

Hello List,

Mapbender uses a lot of Javascript, what has the effect that the GUI will not load properly if 
JavaScript is disabled. In this case, the user can expect at least a small 'Javascript is off...' 
notice. I have not found such a function in the mapbender sources, so I used the <noscript> 
tag to display such a notice. This solution works fine in IE and firefox (recent version), to 
make IE work I had to put the style attributes in an additional <div> .

Maybe there are better ways to solve that problem, if someone knows a better solution, 
please let me know. Unfortunately it is not possible to go over an 'introducing page' because 
the users will call our mapbender installation from very diffenent locations with optional 
parameters (user, pw, gui, meeting point).

INSERT INTO gui_element(fkey_gui_id, e_id, e_pos, e_public, e_comment, e_element, 
e_src, e_attributes, e_left, e_top, e_width, e_height, e_z_index, e_more_styles, e_content, 
e_closetag, e_js_file, e_mb_mod, e_target, e_requires, e_url) 
VALUES('myGUI','JSCheck',2,1,'Gibt einen Hinweis aus falls JavaScript deaktiviert 
ist','noscript','','',NULL ,,NULL ,,NULL ,'','<div style = 
''position:absolute;left:250;top:300;width:500;height:400;z-index:1;''><font size="+1" 
color="red">Für diesen Service ist die Aktivierung von JavaScript erforderlich. Wie Sie in 
Ihrem Web-Browser JavaScript aktivieren können, erfahren Sie in der Anleitung zu Ihrem 



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