[Mapbender-dev] noscript tag

Marc Jansen jansen.marc at gmx.de
Wed Mar 28 10:52:17 EDT 2007

Hi list,

some smaller improvements:

    * give measurement-units within the CSS part: e.g. top:300px;
    * do not use the <font>-tag, as this is deprecated
    * use HTML-entities for German Umlauts (e.g. &uuml; instead of ü)
    * embed a link with the current location so the user can refresh the
      page easily after enabling JavaScript

all the best

-- Marc

Hr. Johannes Loose schrieb:
> Hello List,
> Mapbender uses a lot of Javascript, what has the effect that the GUI will not load properly if 
> JavaScript is disabled. In this case, the user can expect at least a small 'Javascript is off...' 
> notice. I have not found such a function in the mapbender sources, so I used the <noscript> 
> tag to display such a notice. This solution works fine in IE and firefox (recent version), to 
> make IE work I had to put the style attributes in an additional <div> .
> Maybe there are better ways to solve that problem, if someone knows a better solution, 
> please let me know. Unfortunately it is not possible to go over an 'introducing page' because 
> the users will call our mapbender installation from very diffenent locations with optional 
> parameters (user, pw, gui, meeting point).
> INSERT INTO gui_element(fkey_gui_id, e_id, e_pos, e_public, e_comment, e_element, 
> e_src, e_attributes, e_left, e_top, e_width, e_height, e_z_index, e_more_styles, e_content, 
> e_closetag, e_js_file, e_mb_mod, e_target, e_requires, e_url) 
> VALUES('myGUI','JSCheck',2,1,'Gibt einen Hinweis aus falls JavaScript deaktiviert 
> ist','noscript','','',NULL ,,NULL ,,NULL ,'','<div style = 
> ''position:absolute;left:250;top:300;width:500;height:400;z-index:1;''><font size="+1" 
> color="red">Für diesen Service ist die Aktivierung von JavaScript erforderlich. Wie Sie in 
> Ihrem Web-Browser JavaScript aktivieren können, erfahren Sie in der Anleitung zu Ihrem 
> Web-Browser.</font></div>','noscript','','','','','');
> Greetings
> Johannes
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