[Mapbender-dev] MS Windows certificated WMS (Typ PKCS .p12)

Roland Jehle r.jehle at ceit.at
Mon Nov 5 05:41:43 EST 2007

Hi Mapbendee-Devs!



I have a problem with a windows certificated WMS.

Unfortunately the provider gives the WMS only with a MS windows certificate
of type PKCS .p12 free.

As I have a UNIX-machine with Apache on the server it is not so easy to make
the WMS work.

As far as I know Mapbender sends the getMap-Requests via Javascript only
from the Client.

Actually it seems that the getMap request should come from a server, which
has this certificate working.

To send it to every Client is not the thing I want to do.

I'm testing to use Mapserver as Client for this WMS (connectiontype WMS)
from a certificated server.

May be someone has experience with this and a better solution!?



Lg + thanx







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