[Mapbender-dev] Re: Mapbender-Setup Routine

Thomas Baschetti Thomas.Baschetti at gmx.de
Wed Nov 7 06:05:47 EST 2007


> I'd like to start and push the developing of a mapbender-setup routine.
> I just added some more Ideas to the wiki
> (http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Setup-Routine)

regarding a version number: 
in my opinion a number in a conf-File AND in a DB-Table 
could be useful, so checks like 'does this installation
of mapbender-files match the database' are possible.

But i think mapbender.conf is not the right place for
a version number, because
* it will be created by a setup-script and before it
  is created we have no version number => we have to store
  it in another place.
* when updating an installation the user copies all mapbender files
  (php, js) but not the conf-files, these are changed manually

Perhaps a version.txt just containing the version number?

Thomas Baschetti

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