[Mapbender-dev] Summary of Mapbender irc meeting, 19.11.2007

Michael Schulz mschulz at webgis.de
Tue Nov 20 10:35:19 EST 2007

This is a short summmary of last Monday's, Nov 19th 2007, irc meeting


See the irc-log-file: http://logs.qgis.org/mapbender/%23mapbender.2007-11-19.log

Next meeting will be on Monday, Nov 26, 17.00 UTC+1


Roll Call:
- Arnulf
- Christoph
- Marc
- Michael
- Uli


1) usage of smarty template engine in sld mapbender:
Michael investigates the use of the smarty template engine
(http://smarty.php.net/) for the sld integration in mapbender.
Christoph an Uli will have a look at the library whether there are any
objections to adding it to mapbender. Michael will sum up pros and
cons on the sld integration discussion wiki page

2) Mapbender release plan:
Christoph suggested to make a 2.4.4 bigfix release in December and
shift a rc1 of mapbender 2.5 to January 2008 with the prospect of
stable 2.5 in March 2008. He will make a motion and we'll vote on the
dev-list about it.

3) Questions wrt copyright assignment to OSGeo
Arnulf will put together informations necessary for the developers for
the copyright assignment of mapbender to OSGeo and we'll vote on it
next meeting or on the list

4) FOSSGIS 2008 Dev Sprint
No news from the fossgis orga team so far...

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