[Mapbender-dev] session.conf

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Fri Aug 15 03:28:31 EDT 2008

Uli Rothstein (WhereGroup) schrieb:
> Hello Christoph,
> it's necessary to configure the session variables!
> Maybe you get params from 'outside' (initial get/post parameters) or you
> don't want to handle the informations about the registered user in the
> sessions (other php-applications could use the same session).
> So I think a conf-file is the right way to handle the variables....

Thanks for your input, it makes sense; however, I believe that Mapbender 
would have problems without having information like the registered user. 
I would consider these to be special cases, where you could as well 
change the source code of a php file in another folder, as this would 
mean a severe change in Mapbender (hmm, at least to me). But I 
definitely get your point.

We should also consider the possibility of mis-configurations. That is 
why I assume it makes sense to distinguish between a set of "core" 
parameters (sth. like a fixed API) and optional configurations.

I would like to have a class "Mapbender" that is evoked at the start of 
every script, and handles the incoming parameters. By this we could 
isolate the session handling and limit access to the session to the 
Mapbender class. All other scripts would not interact with the session 
directly, but through this class. By this we could also decide to 
abandon PHP sessions one day and move on to sth. else. Or handle 
multiple Mapbender sessions in a single PHP session. Sometimes PHP 
sessions seem to be unreliable, especially in architectures with a lot 
of different frames (quite recently I had to insert some 
"session_write_close()" statements to synchronise several modules in 

Maybe I should have given this background information up front.


> regards
> Uli
> Christoph Baudson schrieb:
>> why is session.conf a ".conf" file? Why not have a regular php file? I
>> guess these entries are definitely not configurable.
>> we should move the essential entries to a php file and only have
>> customized entries in the conf file.


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