[Mapbender-dev] SoC Report: Mapbender Administration Modules

Len Kne knex0001 at umn.edu
Fri Aug 22 18:33:04 EDT 2008

Mapbender Administration Modules Update for the week ending August 22
Still more progress on form validation and trying to move code to
appropriate classes.  Had some frustration getting the validation plug-in to
work properly in jQuery, but it is now working and can provide robust
validation. See demo at:
Next week, I am off for a holiday.  When I return, I would like to work
through some of the bugs and get some documentation written.  After that, we
will see how much time is available once school starts to continue working
on the admin modules.  I wish there was another month to summer as I am
finally getting a good understanding of AJAX, JSON, and i18n.  I really
think future admin modules will go fairly quickly now that the core classes
are coming together.
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