[Mapbender-dev] Motion to change terminology: 'Application'instead of 'GUI'

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Tue Feb 26 03:44:06 EST 2008

Michael Schulz schrieb:
> Hi,
> maybe we can use the term "application" for the GUIs, that are really
> GUIs, with gui_elements, assigned wms, mapframe, additional
> functionality like digitizing, etc.
> Other "GUIs" like administration GUIs and WMS-Containers should then
> be addressed with a different term. If we want to find one name for
> three different things it will be hard not to end up with Uli's
> suggestion.
If we want to find a name that fits all three use cases, I guess we will 
go nowhere.

In my opinion a map GUI is an application, an administration GUI is an 
application too: A GUI groups functionality (gui_elements) that can be 
applied on data (WMS, WFS, Mapbender data like rights management etc). 
That's an application alright.

A WMS container is definitely not an application, as it has no 
functionality. Maybe it is best modelled another way, by context 
documents for example.

The whole WMS management seems a bit quirky right now and the best 
solution imho is to ignore the fact that a WMS container is a GUI too at 
this moment.

So a WMS container would simply go from not being a GUI to not being an 
application ;-)

> This could go so far as to give GUIs sth. like a type flag
> (application, admin, container, ...). Then also the gui-list page
> could be easily rearranged, e.g. grouping the different GUI-types. But
> do we only want to change the term or would we also want to enhance
> functionality?
> Cheers, Michael
> 2008/2/21, Marc Jansen <jansen.marc at gmx.de>:
>> Hi list,
>>  [...]
>>  > Hi,
>>  > currently the vote count is four +1, one +0, one 0 and one abstain
>>  > (Uli did not vote and only commented). This is enough to carry the
>>  > motion but we are in no hurry.
>>  > There were some comments that "application" might not be the best term
>>  > but no alternative was given. If you have another idea, please suggest
>>  > it (except EWS).
>>  > Best regards, Arnulf. _______________________________________________
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>>  >
>> Just as a quick thought: what about 'interface' instead of 'gui' and
>>  instead of 'application'?
>>  It would fit for the presented stuff... (admin_guis and WMS-containers
>>  for continents) comments?
>>  Mapbender would then manage interfacees (sometimes for users, sometimes
>>  with a graphical emphasis). The GU from gui simply would be dropped. I
>>  could arrange myself with both 'application' and  'interface'.
>>  -- Marc
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