[Mapbender-dev] check browser on activated java or popup blocker

Manns, FB 62 manns at str.de
Fri Jan 11 04:07:01 EST 2008

Hi  dev list,

Because most of internet user's got a popup, or
java-script blocker and in case of that mapbender can not be 
optimaly used,

i' ve createted 2 new features in our mapbender 
to check this.

1.  for checking the browser on java-scripting:
   i've made  some modifications in mod_map1.php!!
   you can download it here


2.  for checking the browser on activated popup-blocker

     copy this 2 files into Mapbender folder


           insert this sql into a gui

	INSERT INTO gui_element(fkey_gui_id, e_id, e_pos, e_public, e_comment, e_element, e_src, e_attributes, e_left, e_top, e_width, e_height, e_z_index, 	e_more_styles, e_content, e_closetag, e_js_file, e_mb_mod, e_target, e_requires, e_url) VALUES('gui2','check_popup',2,1,'check the 
	Browser on activated popup Blocker','iframe','../html/check_popup.html','',1000,1000,1,1,NULL ,'visibility:hidden;','','iframe','','','','','');
    this module open up a popup window after loading a gui...... 

you can test this features in your own mapbender versions, 
and if you want to make some modifications in this modules
or add something that i've forgotten to do 
you're welcome :-).

greetings from Remscheid
Marc Manns 

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