[Mapbender-dev] Discussion on Update Script Interface

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Mon Jun 2 04:59:39 EDT 2008

Hi Siddharth,

so the two scripts you described are these

(1) determine database changes to prior version (build process)
(2) determine database changes to user's prior version and apply 
necessary changes (update process)

Is this what you meant?

If yes, please let me elaborate:

about (1):
how are the SQL files generated? We need to know the status of "old" 
Mapbender and "new" Mapbender, and create the SQL files by comparing 
"old" and "new". How do we manage to do it? Do we have to have template 
databases, or SQL dumps? Or are the changes entered manually?

about (2):
probably the version of the user has been altered. We definitely have to 
find a way how to deal with conflicts. Regarding the db structure, this 
may be seldom the case, but with data, we need to be more sophisticated.

How do you want to proceed? You told me you already started coding, 
maybe let us know what you plan to do next.


Siddharth Prakash Singh schrieb:
> Hello Devs,
> As, all of you are aware that I am working on Automated Update routine 
> for mapbender.
> I am currently working on automating the Database structure changes. I 
> worked out the mediawiki's update routine. Their update routine does a 
> simple task of going through the database structure sequentially, and 
> committing the required changes. All the changes to be done are stored 
> in many sql files and all those sql files are called one by one 
> iteratively by a php function.
> So, now I identify that actually there should be two scripts, as 
> described below :
> 1> The *back-end script for administrator*s of the mapbender 
> project.This script will -- produce the user update script and the 
> required sql files for the user update script.
>             Let me explain in detail. With every new release of 
> mapbender there might be changes in the database structure. So after 
> every release there has to be a user update script which will update 
> the mapbender installation of any user. Now the administrator of the 
> mapbender project will have to write the sql files for every release. 
> So what can be done is that - we may have web based GUI which will ask 
> for the changes done in the current release and will then produce 
> dynamically the *user update script* and the sql files required for 
> the *user update script*.
> 2> The *user update script *for the users of mapbender. This will be a 
> php script which may be run on the terminal or from a browser to 
> update the installation.
> Hopefully, I am clear to all of you.
> Comments, suggestions and queries awaited.
> Anticipating a huge response.
> cheers,
> A committed mapbender developer.
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