[Mapbender-dev] CSS file inclusion

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Thu Aug 13 04:47:08 EDT 2009


I wondered why all modules have to add their CSS files to the body 
element. This is not modular. I checked index.php and found that the SQL 
that queries the file/css entries from gui_element_vars is restricted to 
the element "body". I think that is not sensible.

I recommend to change this to all non-iframe application elements. My 
SQL would read sth like this

SELECT DISTINCT var_value AS var_value FROM gui_element AS ge, 
gui_element_vars AS gevWHERE ge.e_id = gev.fkey_e_id AND ge.fkey_gui_id 
= gev.fkey_gui_id AND ge.e_id = gev.fkey_e_id AND ge.e_element <> 
'iframe' AND gev.fkey_gui_id = $1 AND gev.var_type='file/css'

Then each module could come with its own CSS settings. In the past 
missing CSS files have been a major source for errors, mostly because 
people didn't add them to body (popup comes to mind).

Let's discuss if this is a good approach. We could also do this for 



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