[Mapbender-dev] Public access to Mapbender

Astrid Emde astrid.emde at wheregroup.com
Tue Jun 2 03:52:56 EDT 2009

Hello Christoph,

Christoph Baudson schrieb:
> In the past I have experienced a lot of trouble with demo applications 
> that are made public via a user like "demo" and a similar password.
> The most annoying problem is, that the account can be disabled by 
> trying to log in several times with a wrong password. How about this 
> workaround: if the login_count is set to -1 by the owner, the 
> login_count would never be incremented in the first place, thus never 
> disabling the account. This would be a quick fix.
I favorite this quite easy solution.
> A more generic solution could include a new column in mb_user, with a 
> "public" flag. If this flag was set, you could log in no matter what 
> password you supplied (I think it's counter-intuitive to have a 
> password for a public user). Maybe Mapbender should be delivered with 
> a default public user, to encourage the usage.
> A less significant problem is, that you do not know if there are any 
> "public" users in a Mapbender installation. You always have to try 
> "demo", "guest", "gast", "anonymous" etc. if there is no 
> documentation. Maybe the Mapbender server should have this as an API 
> function, or we could include it in the portal site.
> We should think of a solution, as most installations offer this kind 
> of public access.
This does not sound as a good solution for me. The administrators of 
mapbender should decide by themself whether they want to offer a public 
user or not. 
> Christoph
Best regards astrid

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