[Mapbender-dev] GSoC09 - CSW -operational flow of CSW Search

Mifan Careem mifan at opensource.lk
Fri Jun 5 15:43:12 EDT 2009

Hi List,

I was wondering whether the following flow for the CSW client is correct
- please correct me if I am wrong.

1. A user can add new catalogs to the system - the system would then
search and store the resultant GetCapabilities document in MB.

2. When a user wants to search for a Catalog item, say 'waterbasins in
asia', then a GetRecords search is done for the catalog entries
available in the MB database. The results are shown in the result screen
in MB.

3. If the user wants more details on a certain result and when he clicks
on it, a GetRecordByID is made for that result and the detailed result
is shown in the result page.

Is this correct? Please assist me if I am missing something.



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