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Fri Jun 19 09:38:14 EDT 2009

Hi Andreas,

Sure thing. For ease of use, I'm using a button which pops up a search
interface currently, like what Add WMS does. We can work on the unified
interface later on, as you suggest, where this comes in as another
option when loading a WMS.



On Mon, 2009-06-08 at 11:43 +0200, Fischer, Andreas wrote:
> Hi Mifan,
> I just had a look at your weekly report Nr. 2 and I'm sorry that I didn't respond to your question concerning how the user should get to the CSW dialog.
> Sure, it is possible to make another button to get to the dialog and it is probably the fastest and most simpel way to implement the new feature. The only thing is, that in this case we have about three buttons, that offer similar oportunities to get a WMS e.g. loaded to the mapframe.
> To reduce the amount of buttons in the gui and keep it clearly layouted in my opinion it could make sense, to merge similar topics and offer just one button to reach a more complex dialog. In this dialog the user could choose first different opportunities:
> 1. get a WMS from different lists (WMS in alphabetical order, lists with different topics e.g. tourism, nature conservation)
> 2. get a WMS by typing in the onlineResource
> 3. get a WMS (or anything else) by using the catalog interface 
> Take a look at and choose "Themen hinzuladen" (Load another theme ). This is pretty much what I have in mind ...
> But in order to get this implemented in a similar way, a lot of work has to be done that might be a little of your main topic. There are probably different opinions in "the best way" of designing a user gui too. So I would suggest to implement the functionality first und keep in mind that some improvements could be done in order to get a better/different usability or look & feel. 
> Best regards
> Andreas
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> Hi Lists,
> Report of the 2nd week is as available here:
> Regards
> Mifan
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