[Mapbender-dev] new module for mapbender

Armin Retterath armin.retterath at lvermgeo.rlp.de
Tue Jun 30 05:40:55 EDT 2009

hi all,
here's a new functionality for the mapbender owsproxy. this modul enables 
owners of wms to log the access to their secured services to the mapbender 
database. the getmap requests and the user ids are stored in a new table. 
another possibility is to define a price for the total requested pixels  
(cent/megapixel). the total price will be stored in a special column.
maybe this can be used by someone to easily create bills for the use of 
services. on the other hand, requests can be stored to document them in cases 
where such a behavior is demanded by law. i think the integration is very 
easy and maybe we could integrate it in mb2.6 or mb2.7.
Im Auftrag
Armin Retterath

Kompetenz- und Geschäftsstelle Geodateninfrastruktur Rheinland-Pfalz
Landesamt für Vermessung und Geobasisinformation Rheinland-Pfalz

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Telefax 0261/492-492
armin.retterath at lvermgeo.rlp.de
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