[Mapbender-dev] The Wiki is up and running again (was: Re: [Mapbender-users] Do NOT edit the Wiki!)

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Tue Jun 30 06:25:52 EDT 2009

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Phew! Everything runs smoothly again. A big THANK YOU to Dietmar
Fleischhauer and Uli Rothstein from the WhereGroup for restoring all the
Umlauts! Correcting them by hand would have cost us major!

Please check whether your latest edits are there, I could restore a few
of them man manually. If you lost anything we apologize for the extra work.

We are now on the newest stable MediaWiki version which comes with a
bunch of new stuff that we can use to structure and enhance the Wiki.

Feel free to go ahead.

Best regards,

Arnulf Christl schrieb:
> We will be able to rebuild all the encoding problems and also restore
> latest changes. We will notify in an hour or so when the Wiki is back
> online.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
> Arnulf Christl schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> we had some encoding problems after migrating from the really really old
>> MediaWiki version ot an up-to-date version. We have found a solution to
>> an encoding problem but will need to re-import the data.
>> For the time being please do not edit!
>> We might also have losses of the last day, we are sorry for the hassle!
>> Best regards,
>> Arnulf.
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