[Mapbender-dev] GSOC: Introduction to myself

Mifan Careem mifan at opensource.lk
Sun May 3 01:16:26 EDT 2009

Hi All,

Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to work with Mapbender as
a GSOC student- I'm proud to join this impressive team and contribute to
the project. My GSoC project would be to 'implement a CSW client for
mapbender' and/or its deviations based on community consensus.

A introduction to myself:

I'm Mifan Careem, Mifan for short, IRC nickname: nazgul. I'm from Sri
Lanka and lived there most of my life - a short part of my life I've
spent at Sweden, Denmark and the U.K. I'm currently reading for my
post-grad degree on 'GIS data integration' from the University of
Colombo, Sri Lanka, on a part-time basis.

I've been involved with the Sahana project - a FOSS Disaster Management
System inspired by the Tsunami - since its inception in 2004/5. I'm part
of the 4-man team that works on the GIS aspects of Sahana - I am also a
committer, PMC member and transition board member of the Sahana project.

I've worked with the FOSS/GIS stack in a couple of my projects, and I'm
always on the lookout to learn new aspects of it.

I live in Sri Lanka at a GMT +5.30 timezone, and I look forward to
working with you.



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