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Fri May 15 04:30:38 EDT 2009

#469: Legends from Geoserver do not show up
  Reporter:  teac            |       Owner:  dev                              
      Type:  defect          |      Status:  new                              
  Priority:  major           |   Milestone:  2.6 release                      
 Component:  user interface  |     Version:  2.6 rc1                          
Resolution:                  |    Keywords:  Getlegendgraphic Geoserver legend
Comment (by teac):

 Hi mschulz,

 thanks for your reply. I´ve checked your points: the style which is
 assigned to the layer is correct. The layername in the capabilities-
 document is unique. There are no child-layers in the WMS. The Problem
 still exists.

 But I figured out a workaround: In table "layerstyle" -> column "name", I
 set the entry for the specific layer to "default". Then the legend is ok.

 Here´s the SQL:

 UPDATE layer_style
 SET name = 'default'
 WHERE fkey_layer_id = 18384;

 Perhaps this helps to fix the problem.


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