[Mapbender-dev] [gsoc09] more static Admin GUI

Christoph Baudson christoph.baudson at wheregroup.com
Wed May 27 10:14:50 EDT 2009

karim@ schrieb:
> Dear List,
> I was wondering:
> The admin GUIs are defined the same way as the mapbenderframes/divs, by
> adding elements in mod_editElements.php.
> How important is it that it stays this way?

As far as I know the most important aspect of the GUI approach wrt the 
admin interfaces is the rights management. You can easily grant a user 
access to a admin GUI just like you do with another GUI. If we were to 
abandon the GUI concept for admin interfaces, a new set of management 
would be needed. I'm not sure if this would make Mapbender unnecessarily 
complex and bloated. I find the simple GUI concept quite intriguing.

I myself have never customised an administration GUI. We would have to 
talk to people with huge installations that have sub-admins. But smehow 
I have a bad feeling about removing flexibility, if there is no clear 
advantage. If there is an advantage, please explain it in greater detail 
to me.

I assume we can build the administration interface you suggested with 
the current approach. If you see problems, please let us know.



> It seems to me that an administrative interface that exposes all
> available functionality, could be sufficient and not actually need
> the amount of flexibility it has now.
> The default install contains admin1, admin2 and admin_services, where admin1 is not
> really usable and admin2 and admin_services is what I am trying to prettify.
> Are there installations that customize these further, other than hiding certain
> parts for non-authorized users?
> I am thinking, that after logging in, a user could immediately be
> presented with the admin interface, instead of first chosing which one
> she would like.
> So I a hereby propose to take the admin interface out of the "GUI
> edited" part of Mabpender, and give it, it's own page, which would 
> contain a GUI editor (somewhere along the lines of [1]?)  
> for configuring maps, but not for the administrative interface itself.
> Thoughts?
> /kmq
> [1] http://karim.malhas.de/gsoc09/sketchC.xml
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