[Mapbender-dev] [gsoc09] more static Admin GUI

Verena Diewald verena.diewald at wheregroup.com
Wed May 27 04:07:21 EDT 2009


I'm working with Mapbender for 3 years now and I never customized my own admin 
gui. And I think it's the same for the most part of the user community. So in 
my opinion it would be a good simplification to have these static admin Guis. 
But we should remember to have any possibility to configure these guis in some 
way as there could be the case a user is not authorized to see and use all 
parts of the administration. So I don't know which solutions we could find 
for that (a conf file??). Any suggestions or other opinions?

Best regards


Am Dienstag 26 Mai 2009 19:48:37 schrieb :
> Dear List,
> I was wondering:
> The admin GUIs are defined the same way as the mapbenderframes/divs, by
> adding elements in mod_editElements.php.
> How important is it that it stays this way?
> It seems to me that an administrative interface that exposes all
> available functionality, could be sufficient and not actually need
> the amount of flexibility it has now.
> The default install contains admin1, admin2 and admin_services, where
> admin1 is not really usable and admin2 and admin_services is what I am
> trying to prettify. Are there installations that customize these further,
> other than hiding certain parts for non-authorized users?
> I am thinking, that after logging in, a user could immediately be
> presented with the admin interface, instead of first chosing which one
> she would like.
> So I a hereby propose to take the admin interface out of the "GUI
> edited" part of Mabpender, and give it, it's own page, which would
> contain a GUI editor (somewhere along the lines of [1]?)
> for configuring maps, but not for the administrative interface itself.
> Thoughts?
> /kmq
> [1] http://karim.malhas.de/gsoc09/sketchC.xml


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