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Tue May 26 13:48:37 EDT 2009

Dear List,

I was wondering:

The admin GUIs are defined the same way as the mapbenderframes/divs, by
adding elements in mod_editElements.php.

How important is it that it stays this way?

It seems to me that an administrative interface that exposes all
available functionality, could be sufficient and not actually need
the amount of flexibility it has now.

The default install contains admin1, admin2 and admin_services, where admin1 is not
really usable and admin2 and admin_services is what I am trying to prettify.
Are there installations that customize these further, other than hiding certain
parts for non-authorized users?

I am thinking, that after logging in, a user could immediately be
presented with the admin interface, instead of first chosing which one
she would like.

So I a hereby propose to take the admin interface out of the "GUI
edited" part of Mabpender, and give it, it's own page, which would 
contain a GUI editor (somewhere along the lines of [1]?)  
for configuring maps, but not for the administrative interface itself.



[1] http://karim.malhas.de/gsoc09/sketchC.xml
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