[Mapbender-dev] Mapbender Logo

Arnulf Christl (aka Seven) seven at arnulf.us
Tue Oct 6 06:32:26 EDT 2009

sorry I could not attend yesterday's meeting, I still was on the road.

Thank you for bringing up the logo issue again. I want to get this done
at the next IRC meeting. So please submit your logo proposal by the end
of the week and have a look at the submission we already have:

I will put this on the agenda again and will make a motion and vote and
there will be no more excuses and deferrals. If we do not get a decision
done by next week I will jump out the window.

I really coulnd't care less *what* logo we will take but I need this to
be decided so that we can at least produce a clean SVG logo and get rid
of the pixel style crap we have at the moment. We can also stay with the
text if that is fine by all.

After we have voted on a logo I will check back with a professional
designer for technical details and "cleaning up" and then create an SVG


Arnulf Christl

Exploring Space, Time and Mind

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