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Subject: [MapFish-Users] GeoPrisma now ready for collaboration
From:    "Yves Moisan" <yves.moisan at boreal-is.com>
Date:    Fri, October 30, 2009 7:54 pm
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Hi All,

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Some of you may have attended the presentation on GeoPrisma that
Julien-Samuel Lacroix and myself gave at FOSS4G in Sydney.  For the
others, GeoPrisma is both a proxy for secure data access and a dynamic
XSLT-based UI generator that renders mapping applications tailored to a
user's access permissions on both geospatial data and tools to operate
on the data.

At the conference we pointed at the http://geoprisma.org web site but
now I would like to point people to our new collaboration


We have set up two mailing lists for GeoPrisma : dev and users.  People
interested in joining the GeoPrisma mailing lists can go to the
following urls :


Both lists also have a web front-end on Nabble :
http://n3.nabble.com/GeoPrisma-dev-f25947.html for the dev list and
http://n3.nabble.com/GeoPrisma-users-f26231.html for the users list.
This may be a nice option for those interested in just watching the
lists without formally registering at this point or for those who would
rather use an RSS feed client to follow the discussions.

The dev list is the only one we had until yesterday, hence it is the
only one with archives :
http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/geoprisma-dev/.  The 'users' list is

Notes about the archives : as an historical note, the dev list is a dump
of a former list on a Mailman instance running on a local server;
all previous emails on the list are in French (since all organizations
involved in the project up to now were from the main French speaking
part of Canada : Québec).  Also, the project's previous name was
"OpenSafeMap" and this shows up in the earlier message headers.
Fortunately, we changed the name...  Finally, the archiving mechanism of
the dev list stopped functioning for a while, roughly between July and
September 2009, so don't look for archives.


The SVN url for your Subversion clients is :
https://svn.osgeo.org/geoprisma/projects/geoprisma/ (trunk or tags or
branches).  The code can also be accessed through Trac :

Note that an up to date version of geoprisma is automatically packaged
(zip/7z) upon every SVN change.  The packages can be found on the
http://geoprisma.org main page.  Just unzip the contents of those
packages onto a web enabled directory and you are good to go for a trial


Our Trac url is : http://trac.osgeo.org/geoprisma/.

We previously managed our tickets in a local JIRA instance so for now
the Trac instance is empty.  We will do a bit of cleaning in the JIRA
ticket list and will judge afterwards if it is worthwhile to bring in
the whole history of tickets over to Trac.  I'm personally not convinced
this would be very useful.  We'll see.


The GeoPrisma web site at http://geoprisma.org has been our first
publicly accessible location where people can find documentation and
online examples (with source code) in addition to the ZIP'ed and 7z'ed
GeoPrisma bundles mentioned above.  The site is currently built as an
ExtJS application.

So, please drop us a line if you would like to join us or just sneak
in !


Yves Moisan (for the GeoPrisma project)

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