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Christoph Baudson schrieb:
> I'm still somehow puzzled what would be the standard way to install 
> Mapbender:
> (1) which user shall run the installer?
> (2) which db user shall be used?
> Here are my thoughts, please help me get on track
> (1) the user should be allowed to grant write permissions to the web 
> user, so the script must be run as a superuser
not nice, i don't like this. I try NOT to start any script as a 
superuser unless it is really, really, really necessary.
> (2) the success of the database access depends upon the settings in 
> pg_hba.conf (in PostgreSQL). I assume the default is "ident", which 
> leads me to the assumption, that there must be a corresponding db user 
> to the os user. I always create a superuser named after my os user, so 
> I don't have a problem. But if I want to use the db user "postgres", 
> this won't work. When does PostgreSQL ask for a password? And if so, 
> does it require the password for every single SQL file?
First to say, "ident" is not default on windows (who uses windows, 
If using password-authentification (md5), psql will ask whenever it 
connects to the database. So yes, for every single SQL-file (+1 extra 
for createdb)
You can prevent this by
- setting an environment var "pgpassword" which is considered a security 
- using a file ~/.pgpass which consists of connect-strings:

> The installer should be foolproof and self-explanatory. Please help.
and have a gui.
I think installation should be like:
- download mapbender
- unzip it in your webdirectory
- go to http://server/mapbenderpath
- fill in some questions (database, server, ...)
- magic happens
- mapbender is up and running

The actual install-scripts are only a temporary solution, imho.

Other projects get this done (mediawiki, drupal...), i think we can get 
this done, too.

Other opinions?



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